Long Forgotten Fantasies

This series of artwork is an attempt to re-connect with childhood memories. It’s like taking a peek through the door to our long forgotten fantasies and fears. These surreal scenes are frightful and mysterious, filled with made-up characters and our most outrageous fantasies. As we grow up we loose our sense of wonder and the ability to dream about unthinkable things. Our imagination is desensitized by routine visions of daily objects and we are deprived of stimulating and inspiring imagery. In these collages used images are extracted from the past, they are forgotten and useless and yet they are part of who we are just like our childhood memories. They fade away as we grow older, becoming the relics of our own wonderland that we once ruled.

Adrenaline Rush of a Dragonfly Boy (11"x17")

Massacre of the Giant in a Small World (11"x17")

This Is How Unicorns Are Made (11"x17")

Bear With Me (11"x17")

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