ONENESS 11.11.11

For quite some time I had been obsessed with the concept of time. What is TIME? How do we perceive it? How does it change? How do we change it? Can we affect it? Does it even exist or it’s all in our heads?
These thoughts have been boiling down in my head and I had the desire to somehow express my curiosity with this abstract notion and explore this phenomenon. I’ve talked about it with a good friend of mine, Travis, who is the heart and soul of a beautiful concept facility called The Bubble which is the hub of the INDEPENDENT WORKING ARTIST NETWORK or IWAN.

We’ve both agreed it would be a great theme for a multimedia art show. And so, after months of brainstorming and conceptualizing the ideas we’ve decided to finally go with it and set up the event called “ONENESS” which took place on 11.11.11 – could there have been any better time for this type of event?!

The Oneness was an interactive environment featuring the work and energies of several artists and the audience itself intended to dissolve the conceptual experience of time and separateness, allowing for an experience of nowness and interconnectedness through music, visual art, film, dance, and meditation.

Being the organizer of the event has been a great experience for me as it incorporated a great deal of multi-tasking… a bit stressful at times, but exceptionally enriching and rewarding experience at the end!

To see the whole album go to the Facebook page.

Main poster for the event



Dance by Danielle Leighla


Live music and video installation in the outside courtyard

Live art by the audience, part of the Walk Thru Art Gallery

Music improv-performance by Trav

Artwork by Ti Hi. Mixed media.



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