ONENESS – Artwork

Being an organizer of the Oneness event I was ambitious enough to also be one of the artists to present their artwork to the public.

Pieces that I created included 2-dimensional pen, watercolor and pen drawings, mixed media sculpture, intercative installations and a live art performance. Phew! Lots of work but it was all very much worth it!

So, let me present to you my Oneness pieces.

5-Minute Masterpiece is an interactive display where the audience was given neon paint, brushes, paper and freedom to create whatever their imagination desired… within 5 minutes. In our crazy age of speed when everything is disposable and ephemeral what does art mean? How long does it take to create a true masterpiece? And, what is a masterpiece at all? A blooming flower, fallen leaf in the puddle, dust particles flying in the ray of light, disstressed layers of paint on a wooden window frame… every day masterpieces that often go unnoticed… And we all can spot and enjoy that beauty.. in every day life.. as well as be the creators of it… the true masterpieces if life and the moment. How long do you really need to make one? Well, let’s see what you can come up with in 5 minutes! The instructions are following: [1] Take this band off the canvas [2] Grab art supplies – pencils,  markers, glue, scissors, paper, etc. [3] Breathe in [4] Breathe out [5] Start creating a masterpiece [6] You only have 5 minutes to do so [7] Hang inside the “Walk-through Art” tunnel using the velcro tape provided [8] Smile!

The pieces that were created were hung inside the “Walk-thru Art Gallery” which was another interactive piece created by me.

The idea for this piece came from the perception of time in a modern society. As the technology progresses it speeds up everything around us – from the way we eat to the way we appreciate art. Drive-thru food joints, ATMs, movies, frozen dinners and on-the-go snacks, one-click shopping, instant downloads have become part of our daily lexicon.

We cram several tasks in one, trying to “save” time, to get things done, to be more efficient and productive. But does it really work?
Are we just barely touching the surface instead of completely immersing and dedicating oneself to one activity? If you are not here now… where are you?

How long do you take to enjoy the sunset sky? To observe the bugs crawling up the tree trunk? To gaze at the clouds passing by? Do you slow down to take a deep breath and feel the fresh air filling up your lungs? Can you feel the breeze moving your hair and touching your skin? How does that feel? There’s no need to rush… you are already where you need to be.

Everything is in perfect order even though you might not see it.

Across from the tunnel were 2-dimensional pencil drawings together with the mixed media installation called “Past Preserves on a Two-Dimensional Plane”.

And to tie it all together, I did the art performance in which I was knitting with the yarn using “TIME”. I’m going to leave this one open to your interpretaion.

Voila! 9 months in the making, over 16 artists, over 10 singers and performers. One incredible night! Thank you all who’s been a part of it and made it all happen.

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