Vice Versa

Infinite are ways of relating and interconnecting objects and events, consequences and reasons. There is a myriad of definitions and interpretations, each and one of them is being based on our individual experiences and unique to the one experiencing it. Therefore, the way you and I would be able to look at these collages would always and only be from a strictly subjective point of view, each and every one of us would be creating and giving it a unique, one of a kind interpretation as intimate and personal as our lives themselves. Every art piece creates its own story within a story, adds on extra layer of meaning depending on the viewer experiencing it. So, I should say: amazing is the ability of a human mind to make sense out of non-sense… and VICE VERSA…

Read more about the creation of these series here.

Initiation (11″x17″)


Balance (11"x17")


Handle With Care (11"x17")

Still Alive (11"x17")

Think With Your Heart (11"x17")


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